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Compliance and internal procedures

As business lawyers we are legal partners of business entities of many industries. Our role is to cooperate with the board and minimize risks related to their business activities.

We help particular departments and provide legal support while making decisions and working on various projects at every level. We advise what is worth doing or what they need to do in order to ensure that business activities are conducted in accordance with the law. We implement both procedures that are required by the law, as well as those that can help to prevent from adverse events, including events for which the managerial staff is held responsible.

The board and managerial staff
  • We support individuals that manage a company in terms of verifying if their activities are in accordance to internal and legal regulations.
  • We suggest areas that need to be updated to make them stay in accordance with the current and future regulations.
  • We show areas where there are legal risks related to activities of employees or managers, including those connected with GDPR, and we prepare the policy of preventing irregularities, abuse and conflict of interest.
  • We prepare and implement procedures that are to limit the responsibility of the board members and managerial staff, for example for the failure to comply with obligations or power abuse.
  • We optimize the number of internal procedures in terms of their transparency and effectiveness.
The Human Resources department and OSH
  • We optimize existing regulations and procedures in terms of making them in accordance with the law and the latest ruling.
  • We prepare solutions that are beneficial for the employer in terms of creating staff rules and the remuneration policy. 
  • We help to develop the set of activities aimed at reporting needs related to OSH and reacting to them. 
  • We prepare templates of documents.
  • We implement solutions related to obligations of the employer in terms of mobbing, discrimination, monitoring tools, reporting irregularities, as well as in terms of whistleblowers.
Sales department
  • We support every step of negotiating and concluding agreements, including activities related to maintaining confidentiality and so-called improper negotiations.
  • We show how to ensure compliance with regulations concerning the required level of consumer protection. 
  • We assess applied sales activities, including loyalty programs in terms of its compliance with competition law. 
  • We advise why and how the verification of a contractor should be conducted. 
  • We inform about legal risks that occur during the sale process and show how they can be avoided and mitigated.
Financial and accounting department
  • We provide support in terms of implementing requirements of commercial and economic law. 
  • We provide help in cases connected with claims and financial liabilities.
  • We compile and comprehensively implement AML/CFT procedures concerning money laundering and financing of terrorism.
  • We help in performing training obligations related to AML/CFT standards.
  • We prepare flowcharts in terms of external audits.
Audit department
  • We help to verify the compliance of analysed events with the law and practices of control authorities. 
  • We implement channels of internal communication and reporting suspicious behavior.
  • We provide support in terms of analyzing legal internal and external risks, including activities related to fighting corruption and economic crimes. 
  • We show how to optimize internal processes and procedures in terms of their effectiveness and following them by employees of all departments. 
  • We provide support while preparing audit strategies.

Our law firm provides other services in addition to those mentioned above. We encourage to contact us individually.

Attorney-at-law, Doctor of Juridical Science dr Kamila Piernik-Wierzbowska

dr Kamila Piernik-Wierzbowska

Attorney-at-law, Doctor of Juridical Science