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Construction process

One of the leading fields our law firm specializes in is related to providing comprehensive legal service for construction works contracts at every stage of their performance.

One of the leading fields our law firm specializes in is related to providing comprehensive legal service for construction works contracts at every stage of their performance. For many years our lawyers have been successfully advising members of the investment process in terms of concluding, performing and preparing termination procedures of a contract. We prepare construction works contracts for every stage of investments and comprehensively and properly support developers while preparing and performing particular projects and defending them against purchasers and claims related to rectification of faults and defects.

Services provided to contractors and subcontractors:
  • preparing and reviewing contracts with subcontractors, suppliers, technical workers at the construction side, helping in enforcing claims arising out of such contracts;
  • advising clients and negotiating contract terms, including increasing contractor’s remuneration and extending contract execution dates;
  • defending contractors in disputes with investors, including cases concerning contractual penalties and faults and defect of performed works; 
  • supporting contractors to effectively guarantee and claim payments for performed works, as well as for additional, substitute and concealed works;
  • representing building contractors in court cases and in disputes with investors concerning performing construction works within public procurement;
  • helping in pursuing claims from subcontractors and suppliers for improper performance of contracts; 
  • defending clients in cases related to agreements of hiring and renting construction equipment, including claims for damaging equipment;  
  • representing contractors in cases related to damages occurred at the construction site and neighboring properties.
Services provided to developers and investors:
  • preparing and negotiating construction works contracts adjusted to conditions and specification of the particular investment;
  • preparing and reviewing general contractor agreements, project management agreements, as well as engineering, procurement and construction agreements;
  • helping in preparing and supervising the process of construction works performed according to specific preferences of purchasers;
  • advising in preparing, concluding and making amendments to developer agreements and transfer of ownership agreements;
  • supporting investors in disputes with contractors related to faults and defects, contractual penalties, statutory warranty claims and contractual warranty claims, failures to meet deadlines and substitute performance;
  • defending developers against claims of purchasers of apartments and housing communities;
  • advising in relations with banks and insurance companies in terms of current financing and guaranteeing contract performance;
  • conducting open and internal trainings dedicated to developers and investors, including trainings concerning concluding contracts, providing their performance guarantee as well as the defense against claims of purchasers.
Services provided to engineers, designers and construction specialists:
  • supporting chief designers and experts in concluding and negotiating contracts of developing design documents;
  • preparing and reviewing project’s architect supervision agreements, project’s investor supervision agreements, agreement with site managers, project managers and site surveyors;
  • helping in solving current problems and conflicts at the construction site that occur between designers, contractors, investors or other members of the construction process;
  • representing clients in cases concerning infringement of ownership rights of the design documents;
  • defending clients in court cases related to errors in the design documents and improper performance of project’s architect supervision;
  • supporting interior designer while concluding, negotiating and performing contracts related to designing and decorating interiors.

Our law firm provides other services in addition to those mentioned above. We encourage to contact us individually.