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Debt collection

In order to meet needs of companies and sole proprietor companies concerning collecting debts, we offer professional services related to this process. We support our clients during both pre-court and court procedures.

In order to meet needs of companies and sole proprietor companies concerning collecting debts, we offer professional services related to this process. We support our clients during both pre-court and court procedures.Debt collection services are provided in cooperation with M Legal Solutions sp. z o.o.

To whom our services are offered

Services provided within a pre-court procedure include:
  • sending electronic payment requests and, if it’s not possible, traditional mail requests if debtor’s address data are known; 
  • sending text message reminders that specify details of debtor’s liability such as the amount they owe and what it has arisen from, as well as the date of payment; 
  • offering phone and email contact with debtors;
  • negotiating conditions of debt payment in the range agreed with the ordering party, especially in terms of receiving a payment declaration from a debtor or their representatives; 
  • monitoring the status of debt collecting procedures and informing an ordering party about effects of performed actions;
  • direct cooperation with the firm while taking debt collecting actions, as well as in the case of a will to start enforcement proceedings. 
Services provided within a court procedure include:
  • representing an ordering party in court, in proceedings by writ of payment, or simplified proceedings, as well as during an electronic writ of payment procedure;
  • verifying documents and preparing payment claims;
  • helping in issuing an enforcement order and a writ of execution by court; 
  • preparing responses to objections;
  • helping in taking measures to initiate court execution proceedings;
  • supervising enforcement proceedings conducted by court enforcement officers.

Our law firm provides other services in addition to those mentioned above. We encourage to contact us individually.

Advocate, managing partner Maciej Krotoski

Maciej Krotoski

Advocate, managing partner