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Linear investments 

For many years we have been continuously supporting investors and contractors of linear infrastructure structures in completing complex network investments at all their stages.

For many years we have been continuously supporting investors and contractors of linear infrastructure structures in completing complex network investments at all their stages. We have participated in making over twenty projects related to the construction and operation of transmission networks, distribution networks and power grids. We provide legal support to Polish nationwide and local investments concerning construction of roads, electricity power lines, gas pipelines, water supply lines and sewage piping, optical fibers and water engineering.

Services provided to investors of power systems, gas networks, telecommunication networks, water supply and sewage systems and other systems:
  • helping in acquiring lands for linear investments, including utility easement issues or limiting the use of the property; 
  • defending investors in court and administrative disputes related to land acquisition and permissions necessary to launch the construction process; 
  • advising investors how to apply regulations of special purpose acts related to infrastructure and how to solve problems related to them; 
  • supporting industrial and distributional companies in optimization and effective management of property owner claims;
  • preparing agreements with contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, reviewing already existing agreements and preparing specialized legal expertise concerning current affairs;
  • helping in avoiding problems and solving uncommon situation occurring during the investment process, e.g. changing a building classification, deforestation, conducting construction works in the land with the undetermined legal status;
  • conducting open and internal trainings dedicated to client’s companies and concerning practical aspects of linear investments.
Services provided to contractors of linear structures and network infrastructure: 
  • supporting clients in negotiations with property owners and optimization of acquiring land for investments;
  • helping in proceedings in front of administrative bodies, especially while solving uncommon cases in the process of obtaining administrative decisions;
  • preparing and reviewing agreements with subcontractors, architect designers and suppliers and representing them in court cases against other entities;
  • advising in cases concerning land use violation, building plan deviations and changes in running linear structures while completing the project;
  • supporting clients in solving disputes with investors, defending them against charging contractual penalties by public investors; 
  • helping in renegotiating existing contracts and making amendments, including amendments changing deadlines;
  • advising in obtaining environmental approvals and location decision, building permits, permits to occupy the right of way, permits to tree felling or deforestation, as well as other necessary administrative decisions;
  • defending favorable decisions in front of voivodeship administrative courts and the supreme administrative court.
Services provided to property owners:
  • supporting in negotiating remunerations for establishment of transmission easement and claiming payments in courts;
  • helping in appealing against administrative decisions concerning implementation of linear investments;
  • representing clients in cases concerning claims for illegal occupation of a property and constructing network structures;
  • supporting property owners in cases concerning property expropriation and limited use of the property;  
  • defending clients in cases concerning the usucaption of transmission easement;
  • helping in cases related to network structure rebuild, purchasing networks completed by property owners, purchasing land acquired for investments.

Our law firm provides other services in addition to those mentioned above. We encourage to contact us individually.

Advocate, managing partner Maciej Krotoski

Maciej Krotoski

Advocate, managing partner