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Real estates

For over 30 years we have been advising entrants of the real estate market while performing their valuable projects. Real estate law is one of the leading fields of specialization of our law firm.

For over 30 years we have been advising entrants of the real estate market while performing their valuable projects. Real estate law is one of the leading fields of specialization of our law firm. We support our clients while verifying the legal status of the property and purchasing them for investment purposes. We provide help in order to solve current and uncommon problems with properties. We conduct processes of determining the legal status of properties and comprehensively assist while preparing them to be sold, rented and to make investments related to them.

To whom our services are offered

Services provided to real estate market investors:
  • supporting investors while purchasing, reserving and securing the planned purchase of real estates for investments;
  • conducting legal audits of properties that are due to be sold or bought;
  • supporting the process of preparing the estate to be sold or the implementation process of an investment;  
  • helping in securing a purchaser and regulating the legal status of a property before the purchase;
  • supporting clients in their relations with local government units in cases related to including an investment in the local spatial management plan and cases concerning financing changes in zoning plans;
  • advising and representing in court cases concerning purchasing, renting or other forms of using the property.
Services provided to property owners:
  • helping in solving disputes between co-owners and between members of housing communities;    
  • representing clients in cases concerning property usucaption, co-ownership dissolution and property division in adversarial proceedings;  
  • advising in solving uncommon problems concerning properties – setting a building on land owned by someone else, land easement, right-of-way easement and land use violation;
  • helping in regulating the legal status of properties, as well as ownership registration record removal
  • defending clients in cases related to adjacent fees, zoning fees and increases in perpetual usufruct fees;
  • representing clients in courts in neighbor disputes.
Services provided to developers:
  • helping in obtaining administrative decisions to launch the project – a building permit, an environmental approval, a decision on land development;
  • defending developers in disputes with administrative bodies, neighbors and individuals who are against the investment; 
  • advising in processes of farmland conversion, tree felling, cancelling tree felling fees, division of properties; 
  • preparing and reviewing developer agreements, preliminary and reservation agreements and agreements for permitted use of property; 
  • supporting developers during the sales process and cooperation with real estate agents;
  • helping in negotiations with purchasers and housing communities, supporting developers while establishing housing communities. 
  • defending developers in cases concerning defects of properties and delays in completion of investments in courts and other institutions.
Services provided to commercial rental and tenancy:
  • preparing and negotiating rental and lease agreements adjusted to needs and scale of a transaction;  
  • comprehensive support in negotiating and concluding long-term rental agreements concerning commercial, industrial and storage buildings; 
  • conducting court and out-of-court debt collection procedures of debts related to rents, service charges and compensation for property damage;  
  • supporting tenants in disputes concerning evictions from living and commercial units;
  • helping tenants and lessees in disputes with property owners;
  • claiming compensations from local authorities for not providing social housing;
  • supporting landlords in preventing from and solving problems with tenants.

Services provided to real estate agents:
  • preparing, reviewing and negotiating real estate agency agreements;
  • representing clients in disputes concerning the payment of agency service remuneration;
  • defending real estate agents against claiming compensations by clients;   
  • providing legal advice and support while preparing the property sale transaction. 


Our law firm provides other services in addition to those mentioned above. We encourage to contact us individually.